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Make sure your products hit the mark with our top-notch testing and certification services. We’ve got everything you need to boost reliability, efficiency, and compliance for all your hardware needs.

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Teledyne LeCroy Wavemaster SDA 8330HD

Compliance and testing services scope

We offer a full-service approach with flexibility, on-site support, clear project tracking, and time-saving benefits. Stay ahead with our reliable and future-proof testing services.

Compliance Testing

Meet Industry Standards

Ensure your products adhere to industry standards through our comprehensive compliance testing services. We test various technologies to verify that your products meet the necessary regulations.

Our tests cover the following standards:

  1. Ethernet 10GBase-KR (Compliance with IEEE 802.3ap-2007 Specifications)
  2. Ethernet 1000Base-X
  3. USB 3.2/3.1/3.0
  4. PCI Express 4.0
Oscilloscope compliance test
Debugging hardware

Debugging, Troubleshooting, and Protocol Decoding

Solve Complex Signal Issues

Our advanced debugging services capture and analyze complex signals to identify and resolve issues in your embedded systems and serial protocols. We help you ensure your designs work flawlessly.

Sample problems for debugging:

  • USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.1 USB 3.2
  • PCI Express GEN 1.x ,2.0, 3.0 & 4.0
  • Ethernet 10GBASE-R
  • DDR2/3/4 and LPDDR 2/3/4
  • Serial interfaces: I2C/I3C, SPI, QSPI, UART etc.
  • SDIO
  • 128b132b
  • 64B66B
  • 8B10B
  • CAN FD
  • CAN Std
  • RS32
  • SIOP

High-speed signal analysis

Ensure Reliable Communications

We provide precise analysis of high-speed signals, ensuring your communication systems are robust and reliable. Our services include capturing and analyzing fast, transient signals to maintain the integrity of your data links.

We analyze the following signals:

  1. Advance Jitter Measurements
  2. Eye diagram
  3. Noise measurement for PAM and NRZ signals
Oscilloscope analysing High-speed signal
Electronic quality control

Quality Control and Failure Analysis

Ensure Product Reliability

Maintain the highest standards with our quality control and failure analysis services. We help you implement rigorous testing processes and perform detailed analyses to ensure product reliability.

Power Analysis

Optimize Power Performance

We ensure your power supplies and systems maintain high quality and performance. Our power analysis services measure critical parameters such as power quality, noise, and ripple.

Power analysis

Inventory and Lab

High-Quality Equipment

A sturdy setup for electronic design, testing, and troubleshooting, supporting various applications from basic circuit design to complex system-level integration.

Hardware laboratory equipment

We use following equipment to test your hardware and designs:

  • Teledyne LeCroy Wavemaster SDA 8330HD
  • RIGOL MSO5104
  • Teledyne Lecroy Mercury T2 USB analyzer
  • Lauterbach TRACE32 Debug probes: Arm®, RISC-V, PowerPC, MIPS, ARC
  • Weller & JBC soldering equipment
  • AmScope inspection tools
  • High-precision power supplies
  • PHBE-2KA JBC TOOLS Preheater
  • Configurable loads
  • and more

Consulting Services

Get the Most out of Our Expertise

We offer design consulting, custom measurement solutions, and expert support to address your needs.

Hardware Consulting


Let's work on your project together! We can seamlessly integrate with your teams or existing subcontractors, bring in our own management and consulting, supervision, planning, and more! Our flexible forms of cooperation include fixed-price and time-and-material-billing agreements. Hybrid or custom forms of cooperation are available as well.

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