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Being a designer and manufacturer of Embedded devices used in edge computing, we're actively pursuing the areas of Distributed Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning - we expect them to become an important pillar of our company in the future.

Additionally, Embedded Engineering yields well towards technologies like Software Defined Networks, which we fully embrace both in our services, and as part of our off-the-shelf offer.

Distributed Systems

Distributed systems can self load-balance and provide service redundancy unmatched by any centralized system.

Edge Computing

Edge computing enables clients to push computation further to the frontier and fully harness the benefits of infrastructure decentralization.

Data Loss Prevention

Data resilience and redundancy in extremely distributed systems is possible thanks to advancements like ETCD.

Software Defined Networks

Software Defined Networks allow you to roll out changes to your networking infrastructure without the need of interacting with the hardware. Higher upfront cost significantly reduces service and maintenance costs, while increasing disaster resistance.

AI and ML

Edge Computing yields well to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, both in terms of data collection, data preprocessing, preparation and conditioning, and by leveraging the power of neural networks on resource-constrained devices to deliver amazing performance and scalability.

Other Benefits

Other benefits, such as dynamic service distribution, service redundancy, optimal saturation of available infrastructure with compute tasks, disaster resistance, and adaptive node scaling.


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