Cooperation & Payment Options at Conclusive Engineering

Interested in working with Conclusive Engineering? Check out our products and services portfolio and choose the payment option that suits you best. We offer different cooperation schemes, as described below.

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Hybrid Models

We also work with hybrid pricing models if none of the options are fully satisfactory.

  • Starting the initial cooperation based on the time & materials basis, with the remainder of the project (e.g. after all the specifications and requirements have been detailed) delivered on a fixed-fee model.
  • Pain share/gain share – a combination of time & materials and fixed-fee pricing, where both Conclusive and the client share some of the other party’s pain (increased cost or delivery time) in exchange for a share of any gains related to delivering the project in less time or budget than originally estimated. As described in the graph:
Target cost contract pain gain
Hardware Consulting

Hardware-Related Projects

For hardware-related projects, if technically feasible, we can also provide licensing the designs of our own products as a basis for custom-made modifications or client’s end devices as well as provide them as a design/integration service within the scope of one of our partnerships. Thanks to such an approach, it’s possible to significantly reduce the cost of the project and go-to-market time with the client’s solution.

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