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We offer a broad range of device drivers - PCI-Express, Ethernet, NAND, USB, SATA, SPI, I2C as well as audio and video protocols and stacks, and more.

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Decades of experience

We’ve been working in low-level embedded development since the beginning of this century, and our experience grew with the technologies around us.

Performing full-stack implementations of standards and devices rewarded us with an in-depth understanding of device driver and firmware development, regardless of the OS or the hardware stack. We do everything - from storage to custom accelerator chips; from wireless to sensor subsystems and sensor fusion.

We do everything - from storage to custom accelerator chips; from wireless to sensor subsystems.

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Optimized for your application

Device drivers offer reliability, opportunities to optimize for low power and resource-constrained solutions, and more - like reducing the cost and footprint of the underlying solution.

Low-level device driver development combined with bare metal applications may allow you to move your solution to an OS-free microcontroller, slashing deployment costs and licensing issues while increasing performance and reliability.

To get the most out of it, combine our driver development offer with our hardware design services.

Broad range of device drivers

Block device drivers

Block device drivers, including custom storage implementations

Hardware abstraction layer drivers

Udev (Linux), devd (FreeBSD), HAL (Android, Linux, FreeBSD)

Custom communication drivers

and drivers for real-time data exchange

Sensor drivers

Motion, orientation, collision avoidance. Sonar, LiDar, accelerometers, gyroscopes, depth cameras, GPS, and more

Polled, interrupt-driven or DMA drivers

Matching best technique to your application and budget constraints.

OS-specific drivers

Linux, FreeBSD, Android (AOSP), RTOS and more.

Wireless drivers

IEEE 802.11 wireless including Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth and BLE, 5G Mobile Broadband and custom solutions.

Networking drivers

IEEE 802.3 wired, copper wire or optical fiber, RJ45, SFP, Infiniband, PCIe bridging

DSP and accelerator drivers.

Realtime video processing ASIC and FPGA. Analog to digital signal converters. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning augmentation.

Bare metal drivers

Expose your hardware features to bare metal solutions. Custom storage and memory drivers.

Device library development and custom services

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