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Engaging work on embedded hardware and software. Flat structure, professional teams, great management.

Embedded systems programmer working at the desk

About us

Welcome to Conclusive Engineering. We provide a full stack of embedded system services and design our own off-the-shelf products.

We focus on the most interesting things embedded engineering has to offer.
What are these, you ask?

PCB design, including high-frequency digital and analog. Hardware and software implementations of various chips - Arm®, FPGA, RISC-V, SPARX and more. Linux, FreeBSD, RTOS, bare metal. Firmware, drivers, machine control systems. All the way up to high level apps and UI/UX.

Current openings

Senior Software Engineer

Katowice, Poland / Remote

20 000 to 30 000 PLN
(B2B / mo net)
18 000 to 26 000 PLN
(Contract of Employment / mo gross)

Working at Conclusive

We work with bleeding edge tech, including prototypes and prereleases of upcoming microprocessors and technologies. We run several projects concurrently, so there’s always something interesting on the platter to pick from. This doesn’t mean crunch time! We respect you, we respect ourselves, and we respect our clients. We don’t do work on unrealistic timelines, our priority is quality and reliability of the solutions we deliver.

There are some occasional maintenance jobs, but we’re handling them without issues. You won’t find yourself stuck with tons of legacy code written by generations of programmers.

Our work culture

We favor a flat company structure and task oriented approach. You decide on your own solutions according to your experience, preferences and intuition. Use your experience! We won’t force any artificial constraints, and you’ll have a lot of influence over the project you’re participating in.

You will have to work with constraints sometimes, though. For example they may come as a requirement from the client, or when a project has an existing code base. It’s up to you to decide how to deal with such constraints, and you’re encouraged to go out of the box as far as you’re comfortable. Just make sure it’s not impeding the quality of the project and can be done within realistic time


Software and Hardware


Types of electronic parts
in storage

0 m2

2 offices
5 floors

Remote and hybrid work

Work remotely or from the office. Combine the options as you like!

Flexible work time

Night owl? Early bird? Polyphasic sleeper? Work when you like the most!

Parking space

Comforts for car aficionados. Secure parking area next to the office.

Private Gym

Our own personal gym, accessible only to employees.


Freshly pressed juices, carbonated drinks, coffee, and more!

Company laptop

We’ll give you a laptop, you can set it up to your personal preference.


Spacious shower. Important for cyclists, runners and gym users.

Company events

Voluntary activities made for us, by us. That’s how we got a music band.

Employee Referral Program

Financial benefits for helping us to hire great talent.

Personal development

Guide us to help you build your preferred skills and career.

Health Insurance

On-demand priority access to medical services via optional insurance plan.

Access to our lab

After-hours access to all our equipment for your personal project needs.


Our HQ is located in Poland, in the city of Katowice, one of the country’s most prominent industrial and technological hubs.

The office has good access, whether you decide to arrive there by car, bicycle, or public transport.

There is a car parking area next to the office building, fully paid-for, with security and guaranteed individual parking spaces.

There are guarded and monitored bike stands on the premises as well, or you can take your bicycle into the office - there’s enough space to store it there.

If you’d prefer to use public transport, there is a bus stop just outside the building’s gate.

The city also has a variety of taxi companies, Uber, and electric scooter services.

The nature of our work favors direct access to the facilities, like the electronics lab. Your ability to visit the office when necessary would be a huge benefit for you - you’d gain access to hardware not available elsewhere, and could participate in the full production pipeline of our products.

However, we do understand that work style preferences vary from person to person, and the ability to work in the most adaptable way is important, especially due to the ongoing pandemic - that’s why we’ll negotiate potential relocation or special requirements on a case by case basis.

You choose the tools you work with. From the operating system, to the IDE's and text editors, the choice is all yours. There are some programs and services we use for team-oriented tasks.

The tools we normally use are:

  • Cloud provided services from Google and Dropbox.
  • Main communication channels reside on Slack.
  • We use Google Meet for conferencing, but we can use other options too.

The above are necessary, but you choose how to use them - you can install the dedicated apps, use the services in the browser, in CLI or custom UI via 3rd party apps, etc.

Some software we use - especially in the PCB manufacturing, testing and simulation pipelines - is strongly preferred, and we’ll insist on it unless you can prove you have better efficiency elsewhere or good reasons not to use it. We're always on the lookout for new hardware and software tools to aid us in our work, and we believe in using the best tool for the task, so if you like to work with a specific toolset, let us know about it - we're interested in your workflow.

We can provide you with a laptop - either preconfigured, or you can configure it yourself to your preference. You’re welcome to bring your own device if you so prefer.

We have a state-of-the-art electronics development lab that you’re welcome to use. If you need a device that’s not currently available, and its function is not replicated by any of the available hardware, we’ll act depending on the individual case - purchase the necessary hardware, lend it, or delegate this particular task to one of our trusted local partners.

We’re seeking people for long-term employment. Ideally we’d prefer if you could plan your career with us for several years at least, but regardless of that, we’ll help you stay competitive on the market and do our best to cater to your learning and personal development needs.

That’s partially in the definition of the job - we work with a lot of cutting edge technologies and develop them ourselves. In practice, this means that you’ll have to choose between multiple interesting technologies rather than trying to choose the least boring ones. No vendor lock-in, a lot of mutual trust.

Talking about trust - we’ll need you to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. We’re typically working with sensitive materials, including client data, product documentation, schematics, and other information that should not be circulated freely. If you’re not comfortable with it, have some unfortunate background history, or are concerned you may not meet our expectations in this regard - regrettably, there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s a hard requirement.

On the upside - some of the things you’ll be doing have the opportunity to shape the future of the global technological landscape, with your name engraved on them.

We like to keep it simple.

We’ll invite you to a meeting where we’ll assess your suitability for the position. It can take place online, or you can show up in person - that’s totally up to your preference.

We may ask you for a follow-up meeting depending on how you perform. Depending on the outcomes, or by your individual request, you may get a probation period so we can mutually check if we meet each other's expectations.

Join Conclusive

Conclusive Engineering is a pretty cool place to work at. Flat structure, informal atmosphere, very interesting work. We're all highly technical people with a lot of experience. Not only the developers. Our founders have over 20 years of experience in creating software and hardware embedded solutions. We hire our management to match the skills of our developers. We've been here a while, and we do our best to avoid common project and management pitfalls. The results? Professional atmosphere and mutual understanding at all levels.