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In pursuit of delivering the best quality full-stack turn-key embedded services, we offer application and middleware software as part of our portfolio.

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State-of-the-art programming

Best talent and best practices - that's how we deliver fast, safe and reliable code. C, C++17, Rust, Go and Python programming languages allow us to write maintainable state-of-the-art top-quality solutions.

Interdisciplinary applications

We are capable of performing an interdisciplinary code review between our hardware and software teams to determine bottlenecks, possible performance improvements and security issues.

Greatness starts at the blueprint. With careful software planning and use of concurrent lockless data structures we give our applications outstanding performance and scalability.

Our toolkit is supplemented with Python and Cython programming languages to speed up the development and reduce cost, especially on less resource-constrained systems.

For the end-user interfaces we’re capable of using JavaScript and its dialects to deliver Web-oriented applications such as Cloud frontends, Electron and WebUI.

Industrial-grade business reliability

Our knowledge, skill and development agility were field-tested against the most demanding and risk-prone software development cases known on the market. We've developed many case-specific, closed-source, in-house solutions that currently run critical infrastructure for telecommunications and electronic design automation companies.

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  • We're fully aware that such solutions carry risks, such as cost inflation and prolonged development, and are experienced in mitigating these factors.
  • Our abilities are battle-hardened through work for major companies. We created the best practices for managing and participating in such endeavors, and are capable of undertaking the most daunting projects with care and confidence.
  • Compatibility and interoperability with existing client solutions are not an issue for us, as is transitioning between solutions, or maintenance of legacy code.

Designed for the cloud

We understand the demands of a modern cloud-based infrastructure, and we're comfortable working with both Microservices and Monolithic applications, their mix, or assisting in transitions between them. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to plan, design and implement cloud solutions from scratch.

  • For new APIs and API gateways we usually prefer gRPC or GraphQL, but we are capable of working with existing SOAP, REST and RPC implementations.
  • We're comfortable with deployments to Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or DigitalOcean.
  • Localized cloud services on client infrastructure can be deployed with solutions like FreeNAS or NextCloud.
  • As a hardware manufacturer we understand the infrastructural constraints and requirements necessary for deployment to client hardware.
  • We can provide complex, turn-key solutions that include the full hardware infrastructure and necessary software.
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Human satisfaction
and performance

We've performed UI and UX services for iXsystems on the FreeNAS project, and more recently for the LivMote Touchless Screening solution. Each time we approached the projects with adequate care, and each time the results of our work were revered by the users.

Design should focus productivity and efficiency. Task optimization and streamlined interface task paths account for higher performance and lower fatigue from the human workforce.

Good UI/UX enables non-technical personnel to participate in difficult tasks within the software.

Good UI/UX enables non-technical personnel to participate in difficult tasks within the software.

Merging these aspects into working solutions is a huge priority in our designs, and gives a competitive edge to our Clients.

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High-level applications running on top of operating systems

  • Agile software development assures a timely delivery of solutions adapted to Client's demands.
  • Business-centric development. We put a lot of pressure on tailoring our applications to clients' profit models, plans, strategies, resources and timelines.
  • Experience in UI/UX design, and tight integration between the software development and UI/UX teams. Includes development to certification needs.
  • Over a decade of participation in Open Source projects, including regular commits to FreeBSD and FreeNAS projects.
  • In the last decade we've worked for corporate clients in software, networking and hardware industries. We've successfully delivered complex solutions, and meticulously worked on maintaining a flawless reputation.
  • Stay in touch with us through Slack and regularly scheduled online meetings.
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