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Make your code fast, performant, secure, and reliable with our software verification services. We offer professional code debugging and profiling services using state-of-the-art hardware and digital tools.

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Struggling with maintaining legacy solutions, or consolidating complex software projects?

We can help you make that code maintainable and readable. Our static and dynamic code analysis methods will help with the most elusive and hard-to-find bugs.

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Tools are nothing without humans. We pride ourselves in hiring the best and most experienced embedded software and hardware engineers. Every company is forged by its talent and collective knowledge. We know this, and we guarantee that your code will be reviewed by some of the most proficient and prolific people on the planet.

Get to the root cause

Some companies specialize in debugging and profiling - so what makes a full-stack embedded company like ours special? Range of experience. We design hardware, both for ourselves and our clients, and weave it into a turn-key product containing necessary firmware and software. That gives us an edge. Pin-pointing the root of a problem stemming from bad hardware and software integration, or interaction between multiple hardware elements, can often be difficult. We do that routinely. Every hard task can become a routine if you do it often enough with great results.

Hardware and software

Elusive schrodinger bugs somewhere between the hardware and the software? It's time to release the enamel wire spiders for a bug hunt! Our embedded electronics development lab allows us to wire up your board to hardware like oscilloscopes and logic analyzers, and watch the electrons run about. Additionally, we can run digital simulations of your board to check for any anomalies.

Make it run faster

Resource-constrained environments present a unique set of problems, especially at a large scale. The benefits from optimized code can propagate across your whole product network, and it's the easiest way to increase performance of your infrastructure without any hardware investments. That's where our software profiling services come in.

  • Reduce bottlenecks
  • Speed up your software
  • Fully utilize underlying hardware features
  • Optimize memory use and management

It's like giving your products a new life! Get in touch with us, and let's see how we can level up your existing infrastructure.


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Let's work on your project together! We can seamlessly integrate with your teams or existing subcontractors, bring in our own management and consulting, supervision, planning, and more! Our flexible forms of cooperation include fixed-price and time-and-material-billing contracts. Hybrid or custom forms of cooperation are available as well.

Our debugging and software profiling offer may be amongst the best on the market, but what really sets us apart from the competition is the business-centric profit-oriented approach. You need to get value out of your investment, and we're here to provide just that.

  • Contact us about your specific needs, and we'll have our team of experienced embedded engineers think out the best way to help you
  • Best management practices and business-first client-centric approach.
  • Agile development methodology so our solution stays constantly adapted to your needs.
  • Stay informed on our progress via a selection of communication channels, like Slack, Jira, and regularly scheduled meetings.
  • We know how to plan out your development, so that you stay on-time and within your cost constraints.
  • Flexible forms of cooperation, including fixed-price billing, time-and-material billing, and fully custom billing agreements.

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