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Agile, full-stack, holistic embedded development - we gained mastery in our field through experience, comprehension and practice in the most complex, interdisciplinary applications.
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We support multiple bootloaders, including U-Boot, Barebox, UEFI EDK2 and more, to deliver maintainability, remote updates and extensive security features to your boards. Operating system offering includes Ubuntu, Android, FreeBSD, QNX, Zephyr, a selection of RTOS (Real Time Operating Systems), and others.

Using automation tools like Buildroot and Yocto we can prepare custom Linux distributions tailored to your individual boards and applications running on top of them.

We develop drivers, custom kernel modifications, hardware configurations, and all the necessary testing and additional work needed to make the software run in the most demanding industrial applications.

Need reliable and qualitative Base Support Packages (BSP) for your custom SoC and SoMs? Look no further.

Embedded devices are all about a fine tuned interaction between a myriad of components. Whether between the CPU and other SoC components, SoC and on-board devices, the board and its peripherals, we've got you covered. And there's a lot to cover!

L1, L3 or L3 networking stacks, 802.11 WiFi, 802.3 Ethernet, SFP+, Infiniband, Bluetooth, and even stuff like AMBA intra-SoC interconnect - so many standards, protocols and devices.

To think we've worked with all of them - or have them implemented in our off-the-shelf products! GPIO, HSIO, analog. PCI-Express, NAND, USB, SATA, SPI, I2C. Audio and video protocols and stacks, SoC library development and modification. You name it, we've done it. Do you need it? Get in touch. ?

We create bare metal applications for all families of microcontrollers. Be it Arm® Cortex®-M, Cortex®-R, Cortex®-A or TI PRU, Cadence Tensilica cores, RISC-V, a prototype SoC or an upcoming solution - we've seen it all.

As an embedded hardware company, we have the necessary skills and resources to deliver the most optimized, feature-complete bare metal applications and hardware abstraction layer software.

Developing without an operating system implies we're striving for maximum performance and resource utilization. We understand how to do that, and we can guarantee a full, optimal utilization of the features of your underlying hardware - whether we designed it, or not.

Create your board with us - we do full-stack custom boards from scratch, we can work on your existing or pending project, or you can customize one of our boards. Includes production batches!

Full-stack, turn-key product development: from ideation and need assessment to a simulation-tested state-of-the-art digital design. Once that's ready, we can manufacture a prototype or production batch in a trusted and secure nearby facility.

Our development and production pipelines assure full confidentiality of the intellectual property and integrity of the product. We are TAA compliant, and can develop your product to match requirements of military, medical, aerospace or transportation certification.

Stuck in development hell? Overwhelmed by technical debt? Untangling spaghetti code from a myriad of subcontractors?

Come to us. We'll make that code organized, maintainable, readable, bug-free and performant. Our static and dynamic code analysis methods will help with the most elusive and hard to find bugs.

Million lines of code? Complex microservice solutions? Hard to debug legacy code with unexpected behavior? Hardware-specific and hardware-induced bugs?

Don't worry - we're qualified to take on the most demanding and difficult problems while maintaining stringent code quality, required by industrial standards and certification requirements, while delivering reliable debug, profiling and maintenance.

High-level programming of operating system applications running in the user space is well within our competencies. We deliver high quality, holistic, full-stack turn-key embedded services, and that obviously includes apps and middleware.

Why? As a company focused on hardware and low-level programming, that's just too good to pass up: an in-depth understanding of the full hardware and software stack gives us an incomparable leverage over competition.

Make your software blazingly fast, extremely reliant, optimized to the core, and assure it squeezes out every single dollar you paid for the underlying hardware. That's what you get working with us.

We're actively pursuing the areas of Distributed Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning - we expect them to become one of the structural pillars of our company in the future.

Optimize once, scale indefinitely - thanks to our holistic approach to embedded hardware and software, you gain full control over your ecosystem, and utilize your infrastructure at its maximum capability.

We'll fully integrate AI and ML acceleration solutions into your hardware and software. Be it ASICs, AI/ML coprocessors, optimizing for SoC built-in instruction sets, onboard AI/ML acceleration via embedded GPU instructions like OpenCL or Vulkan, or custom made-to-measure FPGA learning and inference combined solutions - you've come to the right place.

Using the advanced capabilities of Teledyne LeCroy Wavemaster SDA 8330HD oscilloscope we can help you meet your most demanding testing and analysis needs, ensuring your products' reliability, efficiency, and compliance.

Services scope:

  1. Compliance testing
  2. Debugging and Troubleshooting
  3. High-speed signal analysis
  4. Quality Control and Failure Analysis
  5. Power Analysis
  6. Consulting Services

Everything needed to get your project off the ground

We develop low-level applications for a multitude of operating systems, including Linux variants, Android, FreeBSD, QNX, real-time operating systems like Zephyr RTOS and FreeRTOS, and more.

Our work includes drivers, kernel modifications, hardware configurations, bootloaders, and all the necessary testing and additional work needed to make it run seamlessly. We work with all ranges of MPUs and CPUs. For specific use cases, like IoT, we deliver bare-metal programs that run without an operating system, to make sure we squeeze out the full potential of a board.

We develop and maintain BSPs – Board Support Packages, ensuring that your product can boot a fully supported and up-to-date operating system.


Let's work on your project together! We can seamlessly integrate with your teams or existing subcontractors, bring in our own management and consulting, supervision, planning, and more! Our flexible forms of cooperation include fixed-price and time-and-material-billing agreements. Hybrid or custom forms of cooperation are available as well.

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